Our website provides some high-quality adult resources from China, such as NTR(寝取られ) themes, SM(束縛、屈従の意) themes, secret photography(盗撮) themes, etc.The adult resources on our website are scarce resources that you can’t find anywhere else on the Internet, and each resource contains a large number of pictures and videos

If you need to download the resources of this website, you need to recharge the currency “diamond” of this website to purchase the resources. There are two ways to purchase:

How To Buy:

1.If your country supports Alipay payment, please continue reading:

–Buy 10 diamonds = ¥10

–Buy 40 diamonds = ¥30

–Buy 70 diamonds = ¥50

–Buy 150 diamonds = ¥100

After your payment is successful, the page will jump to another page, and then give you a recharge card number, copy the card number and go back to the personal center of this website to recharge

2.We accept electronic money (USDT) payments,You can recharge to the designated electronic wallet, the price is as follows:

–10 diamonds = 2USDT–

–40 diamonds = 5USDT–

–70 diamonds = 8USDT–

–150 diamonds = 16USDT–

The address of the e-wallet is:



After your recharge is successful, please take a screenshot and send it to customer service Twitter@freesharevip

This customer service only accepts screenshots of successful recharge, and does not answer any unrelated questions

After confirmation, the customer service will send you the corresponding recharge card number, and then you can use the recharge card to recharge “diamonds” on this website to purchase the download address of resources。

How To Download:

After you purchase the download address of the resource, I suggest you use the download address of the first Baidu network disk. If you cannot use the Baidu network disk, you can take a look at the Youtube tutorial, which may help you

How to download from pan.baidu.com without account | 2022 











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